The kindest human being that ever lived and my greatest inspiration - my Italian grandmother, Nina Langasco 

 I Love Mondays Segways grabbing attention for Open & Direct Insurance 

I Love Mondays Segways grabbing attention for Open & Direct Insurance 

During filming of video campaign for adventure company - took me 13 days to grow that moustache 

The Content Marketing Institute is fantastic - check it out for yourself if you're interested in Content Marketing as a career or want to improve the results you're getting from your content. 

Dean Langasco

Hi I'm Dean Langasco.


I'm half Italian and half Irish. I live in Belfast with my long suffering and gorgeous wife and my two joyful and energetic kids.  My idea of heaven is walking in the Mourne Mountains or swimming in the sea in Sardinia (Alghero especially). 


I've had a squiggly career from selling private medical insurance to being in a few TV ads (early 20s) and managing a call center customer service team to running an my own event company called 'I Love Mondays' (late 20s / early 30's). I Love Mondays did all sorts, from Red Letter Day experiences to gorilla marketing campaigns and Bungee Jumping to White Collar Boxing. 

There were quite a few other jobs in between - some great, some good and some not so hot (including a stint in Spain spending my days cleaning up dog poop for an angry German woman who only spoke German and bad Spanish. She had over 100 dogs and one donkey and she had converted a mansion in the Andalucian hills to house them - she lived and slept in the kitchen).


What I've learned though, is what I love to do, and that is talking to and celebrating people. I love marketing too so I wanted a way to bring the two together and Contentissimo was born. 

Studying content marketing with the Content Marketing Institute and my general experience through jobs and business has taught me that companies don't talk. People do.

Companies have staff, customers, partners, owners, suppliers and they all have a story. These stories are what connect people and grow trust, admiration, awareness and sometimes love for a business. I have made my job finding those stories and bringing them to life. 

I love working with companies who want to celebrate the best things about the people they are connected to. 


Dean is available to speak at events a range of topics from Content Marketing and Lead Generation to Resilience & Customer Services. Call him now on 07952660556 to enquire. 

Or check out Dean's next event 'Contentissimo - B2B Content Marketing & Lead Generation at the Galmorm Resort & Spa' on the 21st of November.